5 Essential Oils For Muscle Spasm Treatment

Muscle Spasm

Sore muscles are bound to happen if you are an athlete or a fitness freak. Because every cell in our body requires some essential nutrients. But due to lacking those nutrients, cells start to malfunction. In the same way, muscles are composed of special tissues that help in the contraction and relaxation of the muscles. As we all know that there is a limit to everything in this world. Nothing can go beyond its means. So, as soon as the muscles of our body are overused especially after workouts, a sudden and involuntary contraction of one or more muscles can occur. This is known as muscle spasm which is usually due to overexercise or injury and all the above-mentioned thing causes muscle spasm.

Skeletal muscles are the common victims of these spasms. They may occur, for instance, if an athlete hasn’t properly warmed up. Another reason is a fluid imbalance or electrolyte concentration fluctuation. Those of you who want to start a gym, be an athlete or wanted to be a calisthenics expert. Be ready to bear some painful muscle sores.

Recurrent, widespread, or chronic muscle spasm may signify a more significant underlying medical condition related to toxic-metabolic, nutritional, vascular, or hormonal problems.

What to do in muscle spasm

If one is going through this phase and over-the-counter spasmed muscle products aren’t doing the trick. So, it’s time to move towards some natural remedies. The finest and most effective natural products for muscle spasms are essential oils. From eucalyptus to Lavender, there is a number of therapeutic essential oils that can ease this muscular pain. In short, essential oil for muscle pain is a magical treatment that can work wonders for you.

Not all plants can produce essential oils but most of them do. They can be found in roots, stems, leaves or flowers of the plants. They are extracted by different techniques, dried and stored. Aromatherapy, a renowned technique is now renamed as ‘Essential oil therapy’. Because all oils don’t smell good so, it renders some important medicinal oils useless for Aromatherapy.

The countless benefits of Essential oil therapy and Taoism as a way

If we ponder upon history, it is quite evident that plants have been always used as a source of medicines. The era of the ‘Yellow Emperor’ was one of the golden periods in China. Huangdi was really interested in holism. Therefore, in this regard, he wrote a book discussing health, illness, and diseases known to be in history as “The yellow emperor classics of medicine”.

The Neijing is one of the most important classics of Taoism. It is an ancient Chinese medical text. It has been known to Chinese as the doctrinal source of medicines for two millennia. This book talks about Taoism philosophy. It is considered as the natural path to the universe.

Yin and yang are considered as life forces of the human body. The imbalance between these two forces tends to cause any disease or illness. While Huangdi and his contemporaries knew that herbal medicines could be an answer to it. Those herbal medicines could be in the form of teas, tinctures, powders, supplements, balms or essential oils. While essential oils being one of the major forms of medicines working at different parts of the body and maintaining the chakra flow in the body. That’s why essential oils for muscle pain is regarded in high esteem.

Essential oil for muscle spasm

Essential oil therapy can be used in many ways to relieve muscular spasm or pain. Steam inhalation, diffusion, and massage. These are the best-recognized ways to reap the best medicinal effects and treatment of muscle spasm. Soaking bath is also considered to be an effective way of treating muscle spasms, soreness, and knots. A long hot bath can help your body to release all kinds of tensions.

Here is the list of essential oils for muscle pain that have been proving their effectiveness in essential oil therapy. In fact, the best thing about these oils is their versatility. So, they can be beneficial for other purposes too.

1- Turmeric essential oil

muscle spasm

Turmeric has been used for centuries as spices in India. It is an Ayurvedic medicine that is used as a drying agent and holistic healing tool. It is taken from roots of turmeric plant and is believed to be antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antioxidant, and antiviral. It is known to have such amazing properties that help the body to relax. It also helps to block the negative enzymes affecting the skeletal system of muscles in our body. Therefore, working as a potent drug for muscle spasms and knots. Also, check out the top 10 collections of Best Router Table – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide.

Making it a go-to drug in these conditions due to its unbelievable properties in the treatment of muscle spasm. It can be also used in conditions of Arthritis. The turmeric essential oil is mixed with the carrier oil and is massaged over the affected areas. The effects can be seen in no time.

2- Peppermint essential oil

essential oil for healing

One of the most widely used essential oil for muscle pain. Peppermint is really fierce when it comes to action. As this oil contains the active ingredient, methanol. It acts as an invigorating scent and also considered as antispasmolytic and analgesic. Its cooling and soothing effect relieves the body of muscle spasm and sore. Anti-inflammatory properties are also noteworthy.

This oil is useful especially after a vigorous workout as it soothes the muscle and relieves the body of cramps and pain. It also has a unique property to calm the body and mind at the same time. This makes this oil stands out in this list.

3- Clove essential oil

essential oil

Clove is regarded as one of the most important spices. Its essential oil is regarded as one of the best analgesic and anti-inflammatory agents. It won’t be wrong to claim that it has magical effects. It is one of the strongest forms of pain relief.

It produces warming effects over the body as it loosens up the muscles. This tends the muscles to relax and muscle spasm is relieved. In addition to these amazing properties, it is also mild anti-neuralgic which means it numbs the skin surface. Therefore, it should be utilized carefully with precautions. This property of clove oil makes it beneficial for toothache.

It has an overwhelming strength because of the presence of eugenol, so it should be diluted with carrier oils. Else it can damage the skin surface by burning it. Use your favorite carrier oil such as Jojoba, Olive, or Coconut. One of the most highly recommended essential oil for healing purposes.

4- Lavender essential oil

essential oil
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Lavender is without any doubt the most widely used essential oil for muscle pain. As its one of those milder oils with sedative properties. It is quite mild on the skin with both effects over the mind and body making it special. It also contains anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties when used topically.

Sometimes the muscular pain may be caused due to anxiety or stress. While this oil can work as a relaxant for the mind, by also relieving the stress, hence causing to reduce muscular pain. If you are feeling uneasy you can always rub this oil on your palm. Then rub it near your nose to inhale deeply and relax out.

This oil is mild enough to use alone and doesn’t need any carrier. t has a wide range of benefits including helping relieve muscle tension, spasms, joint pain, and tendinitis. It is one of the most known essential oil for healing purposes.

5- Juniper essential oil

muscle spasm

It is a therapeutic essential oil that has been used for centuries. It reduces stress, detoxify and reduces inflammation. The powerful properties of being analgesic, anti-rheumatic and antiseptic make it an undeniable choice.

Its analgesic and anti-rheumatic properties help to relieve muscle soreness and spasm. But it should be used with precaution. As on its own, it is very strong. Therefore, Juniper oil shouldn’t be used on pregnant women or children under 3 years. While it is one of the better choices for a soothing bath and deep massage. Rather an interesting choice of essential oil for muscle pain.

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