5 Types of People on 14th August

14th August 1947 is a date that fills each and every Pakistani with a heap of patriotism and unimaginable determination. A day when Pakistan came on the map of the world and a great nation was born.

You may ask yourself where this greatness lies? whether in being one of the corrupt countries or as a breeding ground for terrorists or in the economic crisis. Yeah, these are some of the ground realities we as Pakistani need to face.

But the best thing about this nation is that it is such illiterate and uneducated that it even never learned how to give up, sadly. It really never fails to amuse me how can’t we learn such an easy lesson.

Pakistan as a country may be divided into different languages, casts, and creeds. As a nation, we have some grave issues which need to be resolved especially the linguistic supremacy theory.

But still, as a nation, we share some common ties. The sentiments we put in cricket, our army and of course Kashmir. These are some unbreakable bonds we share and become one as a nation if even one of this situation is aggravated.

A day celebrated by all understood by none

All the Pakistanis around the globe celebrate their independence with great zeal and compassion. They leave no stings attached and celebrate it to its fullest potential.

But like I said earlier its a country of different ethnicities and cultures, So all around the country, the ways of celebrating this day are special.

In this regard, I, culminate 5 kinds of people who are found celebrating this day in their special, So, without any delay let’s move to the list of 5 types of people on 14th August.

1- Riding your monsters to show off your independence

Okay, the easiest choice for me to make on my list are riders. yes, you got that right folk the ones with torn cylinders and performing life-endangering stuns are the most eye-catchy people we usually encounter.

With face painting all over and with flags in their hands which make them stand out. They are one of those show-off types who clamor their way all through the road and breaking traffic rules.

Performing risky stuns is their way of doing things. Some of them hold horns in their hands and yell their way. You must be thinking that is that really the independence we wanted? Was that the reason Quaid-e-Azam created Pakistan.

Having fun isn’t something bad until you are hurting someone. But the reality is that they make up to this list due to their presence in abundance.

کون کہتا ہے ہم مر جایں گے 
ہم تو رائیڈر ہیں کٹ مار کے نکل جایں گے

2- Facebook Warriors

Now come the most interesting people on the list. You can call them social media warriors. They are especially proactive on facebook writing lengthy posts about the struggle of Pakistan independence.

While their special feature is always getting in trouble and using social medias a battleground and their information as an arsenal. Then what, obviously they fight their heart out to debate with people from across the border. As if every single issue would be resolved on the basis of this debate.

These people literally waver off their complete day sitting in front of their mobiles or laptops, solving all the major issues by debating with others.

As if Kashmir is on stake and the direction of the debate will decide it’s future. They are not one of the abundant types but you see them often.

3- Make some noise for the national songs

These are of the most frequent people one can see on this 14th August. Like hell, man, its independence day.

So, its time you put on those speakers and let the music do the rest. National songs are played off.

Yes, it’s true they really give goosebumps and one of the best things which can happen on this day.

Songs from the 1960s until this era are all played and danced upon. The cars go screaming down the roads. playing their favorite songs and enjoying each and every moment of it.

It’s not late until they shake their booty and get their best steps out to entertain everyone. Personally, I found them the most lively as if they are letting their hearts do the talking for them that day.

4- Bragging your day on social media

Now comes the most fascinating of them all. The ones who can’t live without bragging their things. Yes, you got that right. It is the most abundant type of people found on this day and why not? Its 14th of August.

Let’s take some selfies. Complete photoshoots are done on this day to be posted on social media as ‘Happy Independence day’.

It really is done so frequently on this day that each and every person is in it. Like an Independence picture or selfie is mandatory as if your account would be blocked if you do not post it.

5- Its holiday, Lets sleep

14th August is declared as a national holiday throughout the country. This rare holiday opportunity for some is so valuable which is beyond comprehension.

Because after going through rough and tough days throughout the week, this is the perfect opportunity for some to rest well and recover their energy for future endeavors.

you wouldn’t believe it but a lot of people choose this as their option. Caring about nothing they sleep freely without having any consense that which day is this and what else they can do.

It’s really not a bad option at all hence many people fall in this category. There are many other types of people found on 14th August. but people categorized in these above categories are the most frequent ones to be found. So, now you may evaluate yourself that in which category you fall or you are one to be in scarce types.

Mustajab Shah is a freelance writer, economic analyst, and researcher. By profession, he is a pharmacist with detail insight over medical and health care issues. With several online courses and awards, his writings have enchanted many hearts. As his curiosity for answers produces a magnetic effect in his writing.


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