7 Pakistani Beauties Who Have Stopped Aging

‘Age is just a number’, one of the most famous sayings can be easily applicable to these Pakistani contenders. You must have heard that the older the wine, the better it tastes. It totally goes on these belligerent, glamorous and alluring Pakistani beauties who refuse to age. They have been in the Pakistani industry for quite a while now. During their stay, they have really proved their mantle in every aspect.

Their acting has been on par with one of the best in the industry. but the thing which makes them stand out is the bizarre beauty that allows them to stay at the epitome of youth. Here are those 7 Pakistani beauties who are in the 40s and 50s club but still managing to look as young as ever.

Honorable mentions

We have concluded a list of Pakistani actresses who has refused to age. But there are some honorable mentions too. Those who couldn’t make to list but still have proved their mantle of beauty throughout the years.

  • Saba Pervaiz
  • Nadia Khan
  • Bushra Ansari
  • Samina Peerzada

1- Samiya Mumtaz, a Pakistani sweetheart

Age: 48


She is regarded as one of the most evergreen Pakistani drama and film actress. She started her career in 1995 and still continuing to blow up the minds of her fans by giving powerful performances one after another. She was born on 5th September 1970 in Karachi. She’s one of the most versatile Pakistani actresses and one of the Pakistani beauties.

Samiya’s role in films like “Dukhtar” and “Moor” has earned her appreciation from all nooks and corners. Praises flew from her across the borders, as all went crazy over her acting skills and her graceful persona. She’s regarded as one of those Pakistani beauties who refused to age and really stopped aging. It seems like she has really taken a sip from the water of eternity. God knows!

2- Sahiba Afzal, a Pakistani lovebird

Age: 47


Sahiba Afzal also known as Sahiba, shares one of the most loved pairs with Rambo. Their fans claim this pair as one of the most beautiful pair of Pakistan. For some reason, it does seem right though. Sahiba started her acting career from 1992 with different supporting roles in films but rising to glory with different leading roles in films.

She was then known as one of the most beautiful heroines in the Pakistan industry. why not she be? As inheriting her beauty genes, from her ever so beautiful mother Nisho. Her cute smile and pretty face created ripples at that time. The most fascinating part about this Pakistani beauty is that she doesn’t know how to stop. As she’s still ever so young and making her fans want more of her. While there’s no doubt that there’s so much left in her.

3- Hadiqa Kiani, a Pakistani nightingale

Age: 48


A philanthropist, songwriter, and singer. One of the most prominent figures of Pakistan. She’s one of the most celebrated singers of Pakistan who has performed at every high level whether it be Royal Albert Hall and The Kennedy Centre. She emerged at the scenes in the 90s and created wonders with her singing ability. ‘Boohey Barian’ and ‘Janan’ being the major hits of the 90s. People even claimed her to be the successor of Nazia Hassan.

The best thing about her is not only her singing abilities but her killer looks. A singer with looks is like buy one and get one free offer. She was one of the most beautiful singers of her time and the funny thing is that even now as we speak, she is. One of the Pakistani beauties who has maybe forgotten that she has to get old.

4- Reema Khan, a Pakistani veteran

Age: 47

Reema Khan

Reema Khan is known to be one of the most prominent figures of the Pakistan film industry. She was the leading actress in the 90s who did more than 200 films. She was applauded by critics for her acting. But acting wasn’t her only mojo as her beauty made fans gaga over her.

Love starting coming from all the corners. She was recognized as the face of Pakistan during the 90s. But even when we are talking in the late 2000s she got that same charisma and glamour in her personality. She’s also one of those persons who just refuse to be old. Reema khan is that’s why regarded as one of the gems of our Pakistani industry.

5- Atiqa Odho, a Pakistani sensation

Age: 54

Pakistani beauty

Atiqa Odho most famously known as the ‘Beauty Queen’ of Pakistani drama industry. Debuting with Anwar Maqsood, she created wonders with her beauty. People never seize to love her and her looks. A common national crush of her time. She ruled the hearts of millions for a decade.

She founded the first national cosmetic company of Pakistan by a celebrity. She still acts and carries herself to an extent that one can’t imagine she’s 50+ now. A real Pakistani beauty and that too with brains. you can’t find someone as graceful as her in so late of her age. That’s why she’s one of the automatic selection on this list. Atiqa Odho has been a sensation of her time and still is.

6- Mahnoor Baloch, a Pakistani crush

Age: 49

Mahnoor Baloch

Okay, you must be wondering that why Mahnoor Baloch didn’t make to this list. One should be a fool who would omit her from a list of Pakistani beauties. As she’s one of those beauties which has literally bathed in the water of eternity. Because nothing can explain her young looks even at this age.

The ‘Marvi” famed actress came to scenes in 1993 and till now killing hearts. It’s really scary but it’s true, that she was easily the national crush of Pakistan in the ’90s and even now. She has literally stopped aging. While we all wish and pray, that we never see the last of Mahnoor Baloch. ‘Mahnoor Baloch’ can be easily a word from a dictionary which means beauty.

7- Zeba Bakhtiar, a Goddess

Age: 56

Zeba Bakhtiar

Zeba Bakhtiar, an epitome of Pakistan beauty made her debut in 1988 as “Anarkali”. One says you can’t escape reality but in her case, it doesn’t fit right. As she is far away from her reality with her mind-boggling looks and charismatic personality. A real Pakistani beauty.

she even made her debut in Bollywood in 1991 in the film “Henna”. So even people from across the borders can’t resist her beauty as she was then known to be the most beautiful person in the sub-continent. Married to Adnan Sami, she got some ups and downs in her life but still managed to hold herself against all the obstacles. None can deny this Pakistani beauty who has been ruling the heart of her fans for decades. I could even dare to say that she is in the league of her own. Even I think that maybe the fountain of youth/eternity flows from her house. Maybe that’s why she stopped aging and the funny thing is we all really wish she doesn’t age.

Zeba Bakhtiar has featured in Bollywood films too. while at that time the word Zeba Bakhtiar was pictured as a beauty.

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