A Perspective Beyond Academic Credentials

There is a prevalent misconception floating the academic sphere, as students tend to negate the significance of extra-circular activities whilst they tend to place grave importance on the need to constantly improve their grade.

However, it is time that students break the shell and release the built-in fallacy of giving priority to their academic tasks, as opposed to taking part in the myriad range of clubs and societies available on their campus.

The reality of extra-curricular activities

Nevertheless, in order to truly progress and develop your thought processes, it is important to incorporate activities that are separate and beyond your academic scope. As a means to flourish, nurture and nourish your being, on the whole, it is imperative to look through the smokescreen which blurs your vision.

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Why Are Extra-Curricular Activities Important?

These activities are not some frivolous and trivial activity that you carry out every once in awhile, these are activities that require the utmost attention of the student. They demand an innate initiative from the individual itself, the student should be self-motivated to excel in a sphere other than academia and should stay committed to the task. Moreover, there is a range of activities that can be adopted, be it a debate class, football, chess, vocational skills class and even get into music.

Time Management:

Juggling extra-curricular activities and academic work teaches the student to prioritize and manage work in a more effective. Students learn the skill to set time-oriented goals and build a sense of self-esteem, as they are able to achieve more capacities in the same time frame as opposed to before and are able to achieve success in spheres they are passionate about. These activities teach the student that they should stick to their commitments, in order to develop and advance their abilities.

Diversify Your Abilities:

It is a true fact that sticking just upon your study material, depletes your skills, diminishes your vantage point and debilitates your know-how of pressing matters surrounding your community and the world at the present moment.

By exploring different areas of interest, students open themselves to options that weren’t known to them earlier. It enables them to understand the fabric of each field available to them. Students can work on and can brush up their communication skills by taking part in a debate class.

Whilst students can improve on their sport’s skills by taking up a class where sports are taught and they can also take up a class where vocational skills are taught. Due to the fact that vocational skills are always beneficial for professional prospects.


Altogether, the fact of the matter is that not only academic activities but also extra-curricular activities should be given the required importance. As they can completely shift the paradigm of your academic and as well as your personal abilities.


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