About Us

The Pakistan was founded in 2019. We bring to you the latest trends, fads, fetishes and more in chronological manner. Our idea is to not only provide information but to provide interesting information that is beneficial readers right across the age time-scale. Interested in Celebrity news? We have that. Technological Geek? We supply that or are you just the avid sports fan? Then you’re in the right place. You are interested in philosophy? You have made a great choice by joining us, If your interests are in social sciences? We have the experts sitting next to the screen. Top five or Top ten we are all about accuracy and diplomacy that is our philosophy.

This website is all about facts but the additional perk which you will get here is the expert’s opinion in the simplest form. It’s a place where you will get the proper detailed information in simplified form. Internet is full of bro-science, propaganda and incomplete information. We assure you here with responsibility that all the information you are getting here is based on facts or based on expert’s advice.

All the credit goes to our team that works days and nights to gather the information and then process it with simplification and opinions. We believe information is right of every human being and this is the only reason we are putting so much effort on this work. Readers trust is the only treasure we can have. All the efforts are just done to keep this bond of trust strong between us and readers.

The work published here is rechecked through a proper process and team and this is the reason you will not get a single thing which contains hatred. We want to spread knowledge with peace and patience this is the only reason our exports use the sophisticated way of writing. Ethics is the key of our success we can compromise on anything but not on ethics.

Respecting others is our discipline it’s our strict rule that our team is not allowed to propagate against any personality or even organization. If anything is reported by our readers immediate actions are our responsibility. Even if it’s one of the core members of team he or she will be fired.

We also have career opportunities for good writers. Struggling writers will be entertained too but he/she will need to work under the supervision of one of our seniors until his training period. You can send your resumes and a piece of work through “Contact Us”.

Our slogan says all about us “Wisdom is better than cleverness”.  Wisdom comes throw knowledge and information. We are here to provide the best we can. Keep learning, keep smiling stay healthy.