Beware Even Your Romance Is Hijacked

When I was 18 years old I was single at that time but always thought about love and romance I thought about those romantic moments which I want with my loved one and the ways to make it special. It always came in my mind that how and what I will be doing with the girl I love. I had many things in my mind to make those moments special. Today I am going to discuss them first and in the end, I will be telling you the most important thing. How our Romance is also hijacked. We don’t have anything of our own. All the thoughts we just process in our minds are injected in us. Before coming to that I will love to tell you the ways I wanted to adapt to make my moments special.

Long drive:  

Driving was my passion from an early age. When I was only 8 or 10 it was my dream to sit on the place of my father, on the driving seat and drive the way he drove. I was so passionate that I loved to sit on passenger seat right next to my father and used to see him how he drives the car and because of that I knew all the mechanism of driving a car. Just what I needed was practice.

So when I was officially allowed to drive after 18 in that age my passion for driving turned into something very new. Now I wanted to have a girl sitting next to me. I was a reckless driver and was known for my reckless driving in my whole circle. It was not less than a miracle for me that a passionate reckless driver now wanted to have his girl with him and slow music with mild speed and a long drive.

Candlelight Dinner at an expensive restaurant:

I was a party boy from age 15. I liked to be social and to join people in different adventures of the outing. My food choices were also very party type. But when I thought of romance automatically my choices became very different. My entire personality took a 360-degree change. I wanted to have a complete gentleman candlelight dinner alone with my girl with soft gentle music and a very normal food with light music in the background.

Expensive gifts:

I was a normal guy even still I don’t know the names of some common famous brands. When my friends talk in front of me about those brands I don’t understand what they are talking about and I get bored, but when I thought of gifting something to my girl. I always thought of something expensive. Something she might not think of.

5star hotel room:

The most inspiring thought to make my day special was to book a 5star hotel room full of flowers and candles good food and all that stuff which we have in the 5star. I was less concentrating on the moments I am going to have I was less thinking about my girl. I was more thinking about that room and its qualities.

Today it sounds funny to me. How childish that was.

How our romance is hijacked?

You all would be thinking that what is he trying to say? How is it possible that our romance is also hijacked? I am going to tell you that. I did all the above-mentioned things in the finest way I can. But still, it seemed like I am not satisfied with what I did. The moments I have spent were not so romantic the way I thought they would be.

Then one day I sat and thought about the whole situation. Suddenly a question popped up in my head. From where did those ideas come? are they from my mind or my surroundings? When I started to think this way I started to get the answers to my questions. The answers were that this way of romance is not my way this is the way which you have seen in the movies and the stories, novels I read. Or the couples I see around me.

Then I asked myself that if these sources were not there with you. For a while think that you have never seen this all. What will be your way to do romance and you know what answer I had to that question of mine? I simply answered I would explore.

I will explore her nature, I will explore her likes and dislikes, I will explore her Ideas about everything, I will explore her body I will explore her feelings I will try to get into her soul.

And do you know when I did this all what I found? I found that this whole exploration, every process of that exploration and each part of that process were the “Romance”. This was the time when I seriously felt that even my romance was hijacked. It was hijacked by the movies, stories, novels, and people around me. On that day I felt the importance of being what you are.


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