Federal Conspiracy 18 U.S.C. 1349 a law devised to neutralize Healthcare frauds

The healthcare sector is passing through the most difficult times ever. Due to healthcare frauds, the sector’s integrity has been severely damaged. The government has been extremely proactive with its approach to counter the growing trends of healthcare frauds. There are certain laws that have been solely devised to counter these criminal acts in the healthcare sector.

While healthcare fraud can be done in several ways, yet some of the ways are quite popular among these fraudsters. Some of those ways of healthcare fraud are penned down below.

  • Acceptance of kickbacks for illegal referrals
  • Unbundling cases- An often-used approach in which billing is done for every single step. Although the billing should have been done collectively for all the services and procedures performed
  • Upcoding cases- Sometimes, expensive services were performed. However, those expensive services and procedures weren’t needed. But they are performed to inflate the billing process so as to benefit themselves
  • Certain services and procedures are performed that’s not needed in the first place. Yet, they are carried out to regulate insurance payments.
  • One of the most common healthcare fraud is done by billing for services and types of equipment that weren’t rendered in the first place. Moreover, to be safe the fraudsters usually use the original patient’s information.

Role of federal conspiracy 18 U.S.C. 1349 law

The federal conspiracy 18 U.S.C. 1349 is regarded as the most powerful tool in the arsenal of the prosecutor. The law is basically devised to empower the prosecutors against the defendants. The law speaks as if any person conspires in committing any offense shall be subjected to the similar penalties which are considered for the offense.

It is considered as the most basic law formulated by the federal for conspiracy statute. When comprehending this law, one needs to understand what is a conspiracy? Well, conspiracy is described as an illegal mutual understanding between two or more people to commit any fraud.

However, when dissecting the conspiracy law, you must be thinking that two or more people knowingly plan to commit any fraud. However, conspiracy law has been constantly widened by the federal government to counter these conspiracy frauds.

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