Karachi as an industrial hub is what makes it one of the most polluted cities in the world

most polluted cities in the world

Karachi, widely known as the city of lights and it’s all due to the electrifying people of this city who never gave up whatever the circumstances might be. However, being one of the most polluted cities in the world can be devastating to its mercurial image. By the way, the solution to every single problem lies within the grass-root level. The general public of this city is well aware of their issues but it’s surprising that they don’t yet know the answers to it.

The bigger the city is, bigger the problems are. For instance, the garbage disposal is one of the severe problems we are dealing with. Due to the burning of garbage, air pollution is on the nosedive. Karachi have been rated among 5 most polluted cities in the world and asthma is one of the most commonly found disease. Therefore, environmental pollution is no more on holidays now.

A necessity of time, Solid Waste management

Solid waste management is one of the ignored and not to talk about like issues as it can doubt the credibility of those institutes which are responsible for garbage disposal while it also shows the lack of interest shown by the government to compensate this issue. All the authorities have failed miserably to negotiate this growing environmental pollution rate due to the improper garbage disposal. SSWMB (Sindh solid waste management board) exclusively looks after solid waste management with an annual budget of more than 500 million dollars but we are yet to see any remarkable improvement.

Three new solid waste management projects have been announced in the Sindh budget 2017-18 for Karachi, Hyderabad and Shaheed Benazirabad, with an estimated cost of Rs2.20 billion. However, no solid waste management scheme from last year has seen the light of the day. (Azam, 2017)

Maybe we can put our last hopes in the project of CPEC.

landfill sites
Trucks exit Karachi’s Jam Chakro landfill site

Hand-tailored measures for one of the most polluted cities in the world

Whereby, billions of dollars have been spent on different projects. But on the same hand, some easily applicable measures with a minimal budget could be the answer. So, why not then opt for it. The general public is the major culprits for this devastating environmental pollution of the city and only they can change their own fate but a statistical survey would reveal that how many inhabitants of the city are well aware of their daunting situation.

Other surveys like how many % of people know the harm of using polythene. Major surveys like how many % of people are willing to play their role to ameliorate the scenario would be fruitful too. So, basically, an alliance should be created between government, concerned authorities, NGOs and the general public so together they can put up a fight against this worsening condition of environmental pollution.

With each passing day, Karachi is moving towards a void of darkness. Karachi is the corporate sector of Pakistan with a coastal line and [1] Karachi’s water is considered the worst as all the industrial waste is discharged into the sea. The water is overwhelmed by the quantity of lead, so taking seafood is of high risk. It clearly depicts why Karachi stands in the lines of most polluted cities in the world. Wherefore, landfill sites should be optimized more technically.

solid waste management
The process of recycling starts from your home

Statistical reality of one of the most polluted cities in the world

According to FAO and USAID fact-sheets, floods have caused the death of 1,800 human beings, 1.2 million animals, and six million poultry and have destroyed two million houses. Houses in rural areas store, among others, the pesticides. All these deaths are decaying in river water, causing pollution.  (newspaper, 2010)

In Karachi, there is no proper way of disposing of garbage to landfill sites on a regular basis as heaps of garbage can be seen everywhere. It lacks enough trees which can absorb carbon dioxide. The president of UNAP Moohi during the meeting with Mayor Karachi referred to recent international research on environmental pollution and said this study provided sufficient evidence that Karachi is one of the severely affected cities of the world by the climate change whereas the air pollution levels are also found alarmingly high in most parts of the city.

How can we address it?

Now it’s high time that we should lift our spirits up and quit lip service. “Go Green” movement of planting trees should be inaugurated and different seminars should be held in industrial areas of the city so they can be enlightened with the proper solid waste management SOP’s. In this case, many more initiatives should be adopted. Furthermore, Landfill sites should be allocated far from the city on a large scale land.

A local acting body comprising of youth from age 17-23 could be form and youth should be inspired to work in that organization for at least 4 months. Such as, it would be compulsory for every undergraduate student to give 4 months in that local body. In the meantime, they would be trained under the supervision of environmentalists and mechanical engineers. Thereby, nurturing them and aspiring them to work for this cause. Proper stipend with credentials at their credits should be given so as to boost the interest of youth. This piece of encouragement can trigger a change. Consequently ending the worst era of environmental pollution.

We make the world we live in and we shape our environment so if today we burn the fossil fuel then tomorrow we might be fossil under the sea Works CitedAzam, O. (2017). Govt announces three new waste management projects in Sindh.

Sindh: The Express Tribune.
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Mustajab Shah is a freelance writer, economic analyst, and researcher. By profession, he is a pharmacist with detail insight over medical and health care issues. With several online courses and awards, his writings have enchanted many hearts. As his curiosity for answers produces a magnetic effect in his writing.


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