Nikkah Definition a Relation or an Institution

Before coming on the Nikkah definition, the Definition of society should be understood first. Society is just the name of the sets in which human beings “The Social Animals” live. How this set is taken care of this is still a question to ponder upon.

We are still having only the perceptions of handling a society. We are trying to handle the matters of society according to those perceptions.

In order to comprehend this state of despair, we will need a medium to understand things. To put things in their right places. Now the question arises “How could we ?” “what should be the medium?”.

This question has a lot of answers such as State, Culture, Traditions, Values, Etc. But these all work on mass levels for individual accountability you always need a system called Religion.

As we all know human beings living together form a Society. So the human being is the most essential part to make a society. The question arises from where do these creatures come from.

What is Nikkah (Islamic Nikkah)

Trees don’t grow them nor angles bring them down as we all have heard in our childhood nor soil throws them out. Then how do they come? The answer is “Sex”.

I don’t know I would be able to enter paradise or not because I have said “Sex”.

Taking this topic as a taboo has destroyed our generations in hundreds of ways but still be happy it’s not easy to say but easier to do illegally and still we are safe according to the authorities if we don’t talk about it.

Now if there is Sex there must be some rules to do it some pros & cons. There are various but Question comes according to what? Societies that are trying to handle themselves according to there perceptions have made their rules according to their perceptions.

They have “so-called” extracted those after hundreds of years of experience and knowledge. Such societies “call” themselves liberals. For these societies, sex is not prohibited for anyone in any way if it’s being done in consent with each other.

They have nothing to do with marriage and consent of any third party nor they have a concern about Culture, Traditions, Values, Etc.

This is good I appreciate it but only when it’s done from the state on a mass level. If individuals started to think this way its gonna be harmful in various ways I am gonna discuss.

This is where Religion comes to safeguard you individually from those dangers. For individual thought building with the idea of “Marriage Contracts” or you can say it “NIKKAH“…

Nikkah Definition

Nikkah definition

Social Nikkah definition:

To understand the importance of Nikkah ceremony or Nikkah definition, first of all, we should understand the Genders, their problems, their rights, their positions, their history, their current situation. We all know history tells us that in every historic period the majority was with The man but in recent years the situation has taken a 360° turn. Women are now in a much better position than ever before in history.

So it would not be wrong to say that yesterday people were with men today they are with women but who was with a child yesterday and who is with a child today. “The answer is parents.”

How do you become parents this is a big question. I am not talking about the physical phenomenon. I am talking here about the social and psychological way to become a parent that’s which we call a contract of marriage or “Nikkah”.

Now, What is Nikkah? what is Nikkah definition? The reason for this contract is not only to have a physical and sexual right on each other. The bigger concern of this contract is to have a loyal relation between men and women. To assign responsibility to the ones who are agreeing with each other on this contract. The reasons for being loyal and responsible are clear that when a man and woman are loyal it’s very nice for the family environment. If they are responsible they are not gonna take this contract as a joke they will be damn serious about it.

There are many responsibilities of parents but the upbringing of a child is the most important one. The main reason behind this holly contract is A Child and his upbringing. As in my religion (Islam), Almighty Allah says that Life, wealth, health and many other things are his responsibility. The only responsibility he has not taken is the upbringing of our kids. That’s the most important duty as a parent. This is the Nikkah definition in detail.

The question arises why is a child so much important? I told you before A group of Human beings when living together that are known as Society. It means every person in this society has an individual place and position that puts an Individual impact on society.

To build a good society you need to build a good Human being and to build a good Human being you need responsible guardians in the time of childhood. Because as we all know Human beings are the species who are the most dependable ones in their childhood and there are no better guardians and caretakers you can depend on than parents that’s a great natural fact.

Psychological Nikkah definition:

what is Psychological nikkah definition

To understand the true psychological Importance of Nikkah I would like to tell you something which I have felt in my life after Nikkah. It’s not a fact-based school of thought its a philosophy which I have learned by my practice and wisdom.

That philosophy is that “Sex is priceless you can never pay for it.” Paying money is like paying a drop to a sea for the reason that it let you swim in it. So such priceless things that can never be paid. When you utilize such a thing and you can’t pay for it. It means now you are obliged to pay in any way (Which you can never) or you will be taken as a mortgage. The same happens in marriage(Nikkah). When a woman or man gives you that precious body. She or he has a right on you for a lifetime and this is how you mortgaged your life to each other. This is the way of thinking which made me realize the value of a woman’s and man’s rights as Husband and Wife and Nikkah definition in a proper way.

Although there is a plus point for women. After sex she gets pregnant, for 9 months she is in pain and suffering and then delivers another precious life to this world. This is a point where things get above then just priceless. Women get bigger in values woman gets that position which a man can never get. Even if you put all of the universes in a mother’s feet it’s not the price of what she has done. The point here is that sex after marriage(Nikkah) is the thing as a first step which made her so much Important.

My religion helped me a lot in this thought because when I read my religion I found that a child’s paradise is under her mother’s feet. Here I realized what is the importance of the woman. What’s the value of that relationship after which a woman becomes a mother.

The psychological impact of this philosophy was so hard on me that I started to respect women as a duty. I believe after understanding this fact if someone does not respect a woman. “Then he is a psychological patient who needs some treatment.”

This philosophy has a great influence on my psychology. It changed my entire life when I understood this reality. I started to love and respect my parents. Understood their true value, realized their rights and my duties. I was able to understand this all because I was in Nikkah and was completely understanding Nikkah definition.

Medical Nikkah Definition:

Medical nikkah definition

Medically its all connected to sex again. Sorry if anyone thinks I am a pervert but its all reality its not my fault. When we start finding the medical benefits of Nikkah. We, first of all, go towards a thing called safe sex. Now, what’s the definition of safe sex. If you are gonna search google its gonna tell you, “Sexual activity in which people take precautions to protect themselves against STDs such as aids. For me it’s not the proper definition for me it’s just a small part of it.

True Definition of safe sex according to me is, “That sex in which you are safe from any kind of disease. Whether it’s connected to your body, Mind, and Soul.” It’s easy to say but complicated to understand. So don’t worry I am going to elaborate on it. Viruses, bacterias, disorders, etc affect the body. Same as that depression, stress, tension, guilt, etc affects your mind. The same way your soul gets diseased when you commit a taboo, crime, hurt someone, tell a lie, or do something which is A Sin.

Now the query arises how sex could be so dangerous? It sounds funny no? STDs were also fun before they were discovered. The problem is several tests could be done physically for STDs and there are clear symptoms of those diseases too. Other diseases that affect your Mind and Soul. Those are not studied as a science. The reason is science is only revolving around the matter. Only those things could be studied and researched which fall in the criteria of matter. Or else its all theory.

Because of this mental approach, the “Safe Sex” has got the definition mentioned above. But according to my definition how sex harms the body, soul, and mind?



The soul is a part of your body and it could be proved in 100 ways. But that’s another topic. The soul is that part of you that communicates with you from within you. It tells you what’s wrong and what’s right. What to do and what not to do. Every human being has a good soul this is what I believe, but there is a devil too which also lives inside you, or you can simply say that there is positive and negative energy both inside you.

You all would have heard that “Practice makes men perfect.”  It also applies to your energies. When you hear to your soul it gets more strengthened. The more it becomes powerful the more it gets immunity and when that is immuned you think thousand times before doing something wrong.

As I told you above how important and priceless is Sex. When you do it with someone just for fun. Even if you both partners are ready and it’s all happening with consent. Even then you will feel an emptiness that something is left. Here the cycle begins, you do it more and more but you are left unsatisfied you pay for it, you pay in a hundred ways but still unsatisfied. Your soul weakens day by day and in the end, you become a sex maniac. Which is dangerous for you and others around you.

Do you know what was left undone what was that emptiness? That was the price that I told you above “loyalty for a lifetime.” and to understand that loyalty you should go through “Nikkah definition“.



The mind(Brain) is the only thing which makes a Human Being or else he is the same as many other animal species around the world. The mind is the processor of all the programming which runs a Human’s life entirely. The mind is the place where psychology or you can simply say the programming of a human’s entire life is taking place. We all know the most complicated machine in this world is the Human Body. But the more complex thing is the programming on which it’s working. Simply you can say that we are still not able to understand its hardware completely how hard it would be to understand its software.

If Mind is such an important thing. Then what’s its role in sex? Or what role sex plays for the mind? The answers are a little bit scientifical. To understand this whole phenomenon we should first know how our mind communicates with our other parts of the body(Hardware). That way or form of communication is done by cells(Data Packets) called “Neurons” and those neurons(Data packets) contain the chemicals called “Neurotransmitters” and this whole process of communication is known as “Neurotransmission”.

Whenever we have sex our Mind releases many of the neurotransmitters like Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Oxytocin, etc. These neurotransmitters have thousands of benefits in the human body. But these all are beneficial only when you will have sex which is healthy for your mind.

Now after understanding this all scientific information, I would tell you the importance of sex after a strong relation like Nikkah definition with an example. For example, you started to see a movie to relax but you chose the wrong movie. That movie was having a situation or anything which made you more tensed or the movie was having any of the illegal content. When you were seeing that, you got tensed that someone might see you or you were ashamed by the act and because of these all situations you started to fast forward the movie. Are you going to enjoy that movie? is it going to make you feel satisfied, relaxed and happy? I don’t think so.

Put sex on the place of a movie for a while. You can never enjoy or relax in the above situations. Because when you have those above situations your neurotransmission is disturbed in thousands of ways. If you are not going to be relaxed even after trying, then it’s natural you are going to be more tensed. Sex without a strong secured relation is like choosing a wrong movie. The sex without marriage(Nikkah) has a thousand times more chances to have the above situations. This is how Nikkah Definition here tells us to achieve proper relaxation and healthy sex.

This is how the most effective relaxation for the mind becomes unhealthy and harmful.


Holding hand with diamond ring.

I refer to the body as hardware or physical existence of human beings and malfunctioning in hardware can be fatal. STDs are the most important physical issues or malfunctioning caused by sex. I know these could be checked and prevented. But the most effective way I think is to have a sex partner that’s known and strongly bonded to only you and you are strongly bonded to him/her. This decreases the chance of getting STDs 10 times.

STDs are the diseases that may happen or may not it’s unexpended, but disorders are predictable and preventable there are many more chances to prevent disorders than diseases. Sexual disorders are mainly connected to your sex life and the above tow factors Mind and Soul. When software gets idiopathic hardware tries to stabilize the situation. When it’s not able to do so then it’s collapsed. Again, you should go through the Nikkah definition and think that how safe it is.


These causes as mentioned above for Nikkah make me think that Nikkah definition is that it’s not just a relation it’s an institution. Other simple relations can’t be so multidimensional like this relation. For me, this is a rebirth for a human being Nikkah or a Marriage is a very new and changed life you get.

This beautiful, Complicated but sincere relation sounds very out of date and useless to speak on. But it affects the entire societies, nations and their futures. Because anything can strongly stand if its bases and foundations are strong and Nikkah is a base and Parents are the Foundations for any Society or A nation. Physically or you can say sexually I would tell the importance of this relation in one line only. “For people with wisdom Quality matters for people with cleverness Quantity matters.” and it’s better to have wisdom then cleverness. Edward De Bono writes in his book that “Cleverness is a sharp-focus lens; Wisdom is the wide-angle lens. Now it’s up to you what you want.

This is the Nikkah definition. Nikkah definition can be simply understood but our traditions and society have made it as hard as climbing Mount Everest.


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