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what you are seeking is basically seeking you.

I believe in this concept or philosophy as I’ve been a part of this vicious cycle. After constant and untiring efforts of years, I’ve been finally shown the reality of the content writing world. 

I’ve been living in a mode of self-denial where I’ve always thought that content writing is more like a noble profession where one should be honest with his writings. Moreover, I was always told that it was an obligation for the content writer to deliver the best possible written content that should be well-researched but at the same time, it should also be original. As for me, stealing was a crime, and if you are copying someone’s else material it is no less than a crime. Unfortunately, I was soon showed the reality that how good content writers get robbed for their contents.

In order to learn more about what I’ve started studying the ways, one can rob off someone of his content. I was shocked to see those spinning software and how people translate the content from other languages to the English language in order to avoid plagiarism. It was really heart-breaking for me and then as a client whenever I was offered to work with any freelancer, I was so sure that he would cheat that may be in that process I have doubted even the credible ones.

This tempted me to write myself. For me, composing text throughout my life have been the most fascinating part. I can look deeper into myself and bring about all my imaginations on paper. But after being more indulge in such composing activities I learned the art of composing in pieces for a bigger project. Writing in pieces allowed me with all the necessary time to ruminate about different ways in which one single text can be composed. It tempts me to think deeper and by going deeper, I found a certain connection with the topic.

 However, I was going nowhere with that because it became a hectic job to manage time. This again forced me to look for freelancer content writers but this time with a different approach. I was told that fiver was one of the biggest freelance sites. Although, things started shaping well for me, in no time I managed to comprehend that freelancers over fiver are more concerned over quantity than quality.

This made me hesitant about a fiver and finally, I said goodbye to this platform for good. However, as I wrote above that whatever you are seeking is always seeking you. Yeah, this philosophy hit me hard when I found my perfect content writer from a friend of mine. Once, he introduced me to a content writer who was in dire need of work. Despite my reluctance, I handed over some tasks to him.

The next thing I remember is, jubilance and joy. But why? because I found my content writer. He is one of the better content writers I’ve met in my life. There is no harm in trying his work as he’s a really easy-to-go person. I still work with him over different projects and I’ve been never so satisfied before. 

He is a freelance writer, economic analyst, and researcher. By profession, he is a pharmacist with detail insight over medical and health care issues. With several online courses and awards, his writings have enchanted many hearts. As his curiosity for answers produces a magnetic effect in his writing. He has recently joined on fiver and is working there. I’ll drop his link below! 

He is someone who can easily outsource your work. With a great grip over SEO, he is able to optimize your articles perfectly. Content writer is one thing, while SEO content writer is something else. I’ve always been lacking in this department of SEO content writing. However, as soon as I’ve found this guy, things started to get easier for me. Trust me! we all want an easy life with no tensions (one can only dream of this) but still can’t we even try making our lives easy? Of course, we can, and we should too.

I’ve learned from my experiences and found my match. Hope, he could be an answer to your problems as well! Click here.



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