Skin Care Tips for Acne Free Skin

For how long you would conceal yourself and let yourself be the shadow of others. Its time you should let your shadow walk behind you rather then it leading the way.

hands up guys, don’t let your confidence knockdown by this horrible breakdown. It has been troublesome for teenagers to cope out with this contention. Isn’t this a torture?

Unfortunately, it’s a problem in which most of our youngsters are indulged in. For women, it has been a major problem as menstruation causes their hormones to work out of sync.

Therefore, we need to comprehend what is acne or maybe Acne vulgaris, a bacterial infection. The infection causes an outburst of inflammation because of too much sebum and dead skin cells.

It often shows up as whiteheads, blackheads or pimple which can appear anywhere over skin ranging from face, chest, back, and scalp. while there favorite part face which is, of course, the most irritating part for us.

The main causes of acne outburst are

  • Skin oil deposition
  • inflammation
  • Acne causing bacteria on the skin
  • Dead skin cells
  • Blockage of pores by dirt

Two Type of Acne:

Inflammatory Acne:

A condition caused by the accumulation of too much bacteria over your pores, such that, surrounding skin flares up as your immune system kicks off the party by trying to brawl it off. It ultimately causes your pores to be swollen up and become red filled up with pus. In worst-case scenarios, cysts or maybe nodules can also develop.

Non- Inflammatory Acne:

Typical small acne, with less painful outbursts which doesn’t exhibit red inflamed cells. it generally consists of whiteheads and blackheads. The contrary of the belief blackheads is formed due to oxidation of sebum trapped inside which usually turns into brown or black.

Do’s and don’t’s of acne outbursts are

  • Diet (rich in sugar and dairy products lacking minerals, vitamins and essential oils)
  • Genetics
  • Hormones (Hormonal changes may contribute also, like stress hormones Cortisol)
  • Hard water (Mineral deposits cause soaps residues to remain on your skin, clogging the pores)
  • Skin contact (dirt can accumulate due to contact of your hands, soaps, mobile phones, and pillows, etc)
  • Sweating (Get out of your clothes as soon as you start sweating)
  • Skin touch (Refrain from messing or popping out your pimples as it can worsen the condition)

So try to improve your diet standards and don’t stress yourself out. while a healthy life standard with proper hygiene is always a key factor contributing to healthy skin.

Skin Mapping

We all know Acne outbursts can happen anywhere and anytime. What if I tell you that if it follows a rhythmic pattern. A pattern that is even essential to point out towards your body health. Isn’t it amazing? It sure is.

Useful Skin Care Tips

1- Cleanse your face

One can’t dream to attain an acne-free skin until it is not clean. It’s as simple as that. if you are not cleansing your skin once or twice daily you would be stuck up with this acne throughout your life. Therefore, start cleansing your skin which will remove all the dirt and dead cells. Wash your face with luke-warm water so as to remove excess oil, dirt and dead cells. Products rich in antioxidants are the best way to counter this. Try not to overdo it, as it can sometimes backfire.

2- Exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week can prove to be really helpful. It helps to smoothen your skin and keep your pores cleans. Again remember try not to overdo it. Exfoliation may not be the root cause solution. As acne is most probably due to inflammation, a compromised skin barrier or any other. But like when you are suffering from any disease and taking vitamin C, knowing that vitamin C won’t solve the root problem but can prove to be helpful. The same is the case with exfoliators. They may not work against the root cause but helps a lot!

3- Anti- Acne products

Over the counter (OTC) Acne free products are also really important in order to attain better results. They don’t need any kind of prescription. While they usually contain ingredients like Salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, lactic acid or glycolic acid. They may start their action by drying and peeling off. Use it with caution if you are having sensitive skin.

4- Moisturize your skin

By using these acne products our skin starts to dry up. In order to cope up with this situation, daily skin moisturization is really essential. There are moisturizers made for oily, dry and mixed skin types. often people worry that moisturizing your skin can aggravate the acne situation. In some cases it really does, but now, dermatologists, however, agree over moisturizer as an essential therapy for acne-prone skin.

5- Skin toner

A facial toner helps one to remove excess dirt, traces of oil. It also maintains the balance of the pH of our skin. By helping to clean our pores and removing excess dirt, it shows commendable action against acne-prone skin. So, therefore toner should be applied before cleansing and moisturizing your skin. Tea tree oil extracts have proved itself vital as skin toners.

6- Sunscreen

Sunscreen also plays a vital role in controlling acne outburst because sunscreen helps our body provides immunity against UV rays of sunlight. Therefore, a good sunscreen product can add up to the bucket of Anti-acne products.

7- Adjust your washing technique

people don’t realize that washing technique can imply a vital role in countering acne outbursts. you may have all the best products in the world but because you are rinsing your face improperly so it isn’t helping you a bit. Leave the cleanser for a while so its active ingredients can produce their optimum results.

8- Avoid liquid foundations

All liquid foundations like BB and CC creams can aggravate skin acne. They may cause their action by clogging the pores so avoid using them if you got acne-prone skin. By the way, don’t forget to clean your makeup brushes regularly. And use a new cosmetic sponge every day. Just a passing tip.

9- Take a chill pill

Last but not least, take a chill pill because it been scientifically proven that stress can be a major provoker for acne outbursts. Stressing out different hormones release like cortisol which may worsen the condition of acne. I know acne-prone skin is probably the toughest skin type to take care of. but it isn’t the impossible type. with a little care and a lot of patience, you can counter this problem with ease. So, its time you nail this task up by following these tips along with keeping your patience at bay. you will be finally there.

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