The mysterious cold springs of Khuzdar in Balochistan unveiled

cold springs of Moola chotook

Necessity is the mother of invention but curiosity is the mother of finds. Due to sheer curiosity, people are able to discover some astounding things never explored before. Pakistan is a country with majestic beauty of landscapes of all types. However, it still amazes us with the fact that there are yet tons of places yet to be explored. Thus, thanks to such curious people around us, mysteries are unfolding even today. The bizarre cold springs at Khuzdar are among those mysteries unfolded recently.

Now, who among us has expected to find springs in the deserted province of Balochistan. But yep, something sensational has been found in the deserted terrains of Balochistan, an oasis as beautiful as one can imagine.

Moola Chotook an oasis of cold springs and waterfalls

Heavenly waterfalls

Moola chotook, people seem to call that majestic place by this name. One never ceases to be amused by the evergreen beauty of this mesmerizing oasis. A place where cold springs and waterfalls are running along the beautiful green terrain.

If one needs to travel to the Moola chotook. Karachi is by far the best route as it’ll take 5 hours to reach the destined summit. It is located in the heart of western Balochistan, district Khuzdar. As on reaching there, switching the vehicle to 4X4 is mandatory due to rocky terrains ahead. But you won’t be disappointed throughout the venture as the eye pleasing scenery will keep you engage throughout.

However, on reaching the destined location. The breeze will automatically change its dynamics from being something magical into magic itself. There’ll be a certain change in moods as the waterfalls, streams, springs, and big mountainous hills and rock will be a source of joy one can never forget.

Still, more is ahead

Furthermore, on talking and interacting with locals another location is discovered. Not so far from Moola chotook, there’s a home to angels maybe. Locals use to call it Chota Chotook. In brief, this can be the only explanation of the intoxicating beauty of that place. The water flowing, is as clear as crystal.

cold springs of chota chotook

While the enormous boulders and rocks add on the final touch to the beauty of the terrain. Asi if, it seems that the big boulders are covered with green paint. Because there’s a fine texture of greenery over the surface of the boulders. While the best thing that follows are the nights spent there. In short, one can see the galaxies and stars roaming over the sky as if they are looking upon its beauty and envying it.

Saint Pir Chattal shrine is also among the places located there. He’s known to be the biggest saint of Balochistan. There’s an artificial pond made by the devotees of the saint. They hold a common belief that the fish present in the pond is saint’s buffaloes. If one eats the fish of the pond, it will come out alive from them.

Indeed the beauty of the landscape is mesmerizing for anyone who visits it. It is one of the most recommended places right now to travel for an excursion. A real feast for one’s eyes. Certainly, a place one can never forget. So take time out of the busy schedule to pay a visit to this fascinating place and forget about all the worries. Sit along with the cold springs and make everlasting memories.


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